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Vita-Flex Treatments

Click here to download the brochure Vita-flex treatments for relaxation and energy! Vita-Flex is a from of communication that awakens the body’s ability to heal itself. Being touched can encourage the mind, body and emotions to be reintegrated. What is Vita-Flex? Vita-Flex Demo Vita-Flex is a reflexive or pressure point massage that activates reflex points […]

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Is Toxemia The Primary Cause of Disease?

When considering the question of human wellness today, it is worthwhile to examine the role of nutrition and detoxification in achieving optimal health. I believe there is one, and only one disease – and that is toxemia. This can be described as the accumulation in the body of wastes, toxins, or poisons (free radicals). These […]

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The Master Cleanser – Therapeutic Fasting to Alleviate Toxemia

The Master Cleanser – Therapeutic Fasting to Alleviate Toxemia June 16, 1991, marked the passing of Stanley Burroughs, a pioneer in the field of alternative health care. Author of Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, and The Master Cleanser, Stanley was a man renowned for his research into the role of toxemia in disease. Since […]

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