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Infertility Causes & Treatments

In today’s busy world many women juggle Career, Relationship and Motherhood. As a result many women choose to have children later on in life. This growing trend along with increasing infertility rate among couples, has led to a very expensive and sometimes hazardous venture into fertility clinics for women wanting to conceive. However, simpler and […]

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Color Therapy

Color Therapy What is Color Therapy? Color Therapy is simply the application or shining of specific colors or frequencies of light unto the body to assist the body in healing itself. One sits in a darkened room with a lamp projecting the desired light unto the body for one hour at a time with at […]

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Vita-Flex Treatments

Click here to download the brochure Vita-flex treatments for relaxation and energy! Vita-Flex is a from of communication that awakens the body’s ability to heal itself. Being touched can encourage the mind, body and emotions to be reintegrated. What is Vita-Flex? Vita-Flex Demo Vita-Flex is a reflexive or pressure point massage that activates reflex points […]

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Is Toxemia The Primary Cause of Disease?

When considering the question of human wellness today, it is worthwhile to examine the role of nutrition and detoxification in achieving optimal health. I believe there is one, and only one disease – and that is toxemia. This can be described as the accumulation in the body of wastes, toxins, or poisons (free radicals). These […]

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The Master Cleanser – Therapeutic Fasting to Alleviate Toxemia

The Master Cleanser – Therapeutic Fasting to Alleviate Toxemia June 16, 1991, marked the passing of Stanley Burroughs, a pioneer in the field of alternative health care. Author of Healing for the Age of Enlightenment, and The Master Cleanser, Stanley was a man renowned for his research into the role of toxemia in disease. Since […]

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