Colon Lifts

Colon Lift

Colon Lift

Colon Lifts: $50 per session

What is a Prolapsed colon?

In recent years, many health practitioners have come to realize that an individual’s level of health is greatly affected by the health of their colon. Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress can result in the colon becoming congested with waste material. Consequently, the colon may prolapse or fall down in the lower abdominal area resting on the uterus, ovaries or bladder causing dysfunction. A prolapsed colon inhibits the assimilation of nutrients and adds to the toxicity level of the body. The colon can be safely restored to its proper place.

What is a Colon Lift?

Tom uses the process of cleansing the colon, thenĀ a specific manipulationĀ of the abdominal area and exercises to encourage the colon to return to its former position. This process was developed by Stanley Burroughs and is described in his book “Healing for the Age of Enlightenment

Maximize your efforts by getting three or more of these colon lifts during your cleanse.