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Holistic Health Practice

Author of "The Complete Maste Cleanse"
Author of “The Complete Master Cleanse”
Tom began practicing and counseling in holistic health methods in 1980, after taking a course in the healing techniques of Stanley Burroughs and the teachings of Louise L. Hay. He has now done over 1500 days of the Master Cleanse since his introduction in 1979. His main focus of expertise includes: the Master Cleanser, Color Therapy, Colon Lifts, Vita-Flex Massage, counseling on the Mind-Body connection, The Advanced Cleanse and the use of Essential oils with all his therapies.

There are many tools for those who would like to learn.

Over the last thirty-eight years Tom has expanded his knowledge by working with a variety of teachers, including Stanley Burroughs and Gary Young, and through his work with thousands of individuals. In order to share what he has learned Tom has lectured and led workshops all over the world, and has produced a Vita-Flex Instructional DVD demonstrating the use of Vita-Flex Massage. He has written two books: one on “The Complete Master Cleanse” and one on life “Beyond the Master Cleanse”, and manufactures both the Relax-a-Roller that mimics Vita-flex, and a Vitalight for Color therapy.
He is deeply committed to providing individuals the opportunity to understanding the healing process and to improving their own health. Tom believes that when people are given enough information they will choose their proper path to wellness.
Begin your journey by reading “The Complete Master Cleanse” then contact Tom for more information or products to enhance your results at 250-388-4102 Pacific Time or [email protected].