raindrop massage
Raindrop massage
Raindrop Sessions with Vita-Flex ($125.00/ hour, $175.00/1 & ½ hours)

What is a Raindrop session?

A Raindrop session is done on a massage table with the upper body exposed for the placement of numerous essential oils. These oils have specific uses and applications and are applied to various areas along the spine and throughout the back. During the session Vita-Flex is done extensively throughout the back, neck, shoulders and arms. This is an extremely relaxing therapy which can have a significant impact on the whole body. Flu, colds, pain and numerous other conditions can be significantly alleviated in just one hour.

Raindrop is a technique originally developed by Gary Young but each practitioner brings their own skills to the treatment.

Tom’s Raindrop session is augmented by his years of expertise doing Vita-flex and the results are far-reaching and invigorating. Make an appointment today!