Vita-Flex Treatments

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Vita-flex treatments for relaxation and energy!

Vita-Flex is a from of communication that awakens the body’s ability to heal itself. Being touched can encourage the mind, body and emotions to be reintegrated.

What is Vita-Flex?

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Vita-Flex is a reflexive or pressure point massage that activates reflex points on the feet hands, face scalp and various areas throughout the entire body. It is a tool that assists the body in healing itself by either stimulating depressed areas or depressing over active area as the body deems suitable at the time. One cannot induce more pain or create disease with this technique. The word reflexive means to direct back on to ones self, as it applies to Vita-Flex we stimulate one area of the body to create change and healing in another area. When the technique is applied a minute electrical impulse is sent along channels or meridians to a specific area where the body will either stimulate or depress the region to create balance. The body has a self regulating system that Vita-Flex simply taps into, this makes for quicker and more efficient use of the body’s healing mechanisms.

Why Vita-flex is different from reflexology.

The Vita-Flex technique is unique among the various pressure point therapies in that it is not simply a direct pressure on a point but more like a rotation or swing through the point. The finger is rotated into, then on and then over the point in one smooth movement, A close analogy is to compare the swing of a bat or a golf club, there is the swing into the ball, the strike of the ball and the follow through if all three are not done smoothly or properly one does not get the desired result,

How many Vita-flex points are there throughout the body?

There are literally thousands of reflex points all over the body that can be activated. They are set up in a logical fashion. The body has three dimensions so Vita-Flex works in all three dimensions, e.g. if the right front shoulder has been hurt it may cause more pain or injury to massage it directly. In Vita-Flex one can work the front left shoulder, the right back shoulder, the front right hip, the area of the right foot directly below the baby toe and the area below the baby finger on the right hand This is how we work; front to back side to side and top to bottom as we apply Vita-Flex for a specific problem.

What happens in a Vita-Flex Treatment?

A Vita-Flex treatment generally takes 45 minutes and follows a specific pattern of points to be done, Some people liken it to a tune up where one feels relaxed yet energized. It can stop or alleviate pain in seconds and relieve most neck and back problems with the application of the Atlas Adjustment, The Atlas Adjustment straightens the top vertebrae of the spine, this in turn starts the spine to receive the proper impulse from the atlas as to the proper position for the rest of the vertebra. Individuals with scoliosis respond and heal in sometimes in as little as a week after this technique has been done. A sure sign the atlas is out of alignment is to have one leg longer than the other because the hips are out of alignment. When the atlas is aligned the legs immediately straighten out and will stay unless an injury or accident befalls the individual where the technique can be reapplied.

Resources for Learning Vita-Flex.

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