Color Therapy

Color Therapy

Color Star for Color Therapy
Color Star for Color Therapy

What is Color Therapy?

Color Therapy is simply the application or shining of specific colors or frequencies of light unto the body to assist the body in healing itself. One sits in a darkened room with a lamp projecting the desired light unto the body for one hour at a time with at least two hours between applications. Color is like another form of nutrition, but instead of ingesting orally we assimilate through the skin of the body. Each vitamin, herb and mineral has its own unique fingerprint of light that it emits when it has been burned at high temperatures. In science it is called spectroscopy, whereby a sample of material can be burned and the light analyzed to determine its exact chemical makeup. When we lack specific nutrients we can shine an appropriate color on the body to increase assimilation and effectiveness of the nutrient in the body.

Treating Conditions with Color Therapy

Color Therapy can be used to treat almost any condition or problem and shows obvious benefits in sometimes as little as one hour. If one has a hot or acute condition such as a fever any one of the cool colors can be used to shine on the body (blue, indigo, violet etc.) and in most cases in one hour the fever will break. If a chronic or cold condition exists a hot color is used, in most cases though a specific schedule of several colors are used over a period of one to two weeks.

Ancient Healing Modality

Color Therapy is not a new therapy but actually an ancient system of healing that the early Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks used as a healing modality. In fact stained glass windows in the great cathedrals of Europe began as an art form that evolved from the practise of Color Therapy inside the churches. Small  rooms or booths were constructed of solid colors of stained glass in which the faithful would go into and pray for healing, this practise was eventually forgotten but the windows still have their stained glass.  I was told of a study that followed up on people making claims of spontaneous healings while attending church, the study found that everyone had one thing in common, they all were sitting in the light passing through the stained glass windows. Today one simply turns a color lamp on and places the appropiate color gel or filter on the front of the lamp and sits, lies, sleeps or read if they choose and let the light shine onto their skin. The more exposure to the skin the more quickly the color works, usually 1 hour is all that is done in an application with at least 2 or more hours between applications. To treat various conditions may take as much as a week or 2 depending how often you use the lamp and what protocol one is using.

The primary colors when healing with light.

There are many books written about Color Therapy but most have many inaccuracies, the most common being they do not know the 3 primary colors which are RED, GREEN, and VIOLET almost all other books list red, yellow and blue which when combined together will not make white light as the 3 previous mentioned colors do. If you look at  sunlight that has been broken up by a prism you will see 3 distinct colors which are RED, GREEN, and VIOLET and 2 less distinct colors and they are yellow and blue.

Sources for using Color Therapy

In Stanley Burroughs’ book “Healing For The Age of Enlightenment” there is more detailed explanation of the various uses of the color therapy allowing for a greater understanding of this work. I have written a chapter about Color Therapy in my “The Complete Master Cleanse” to give a more detailed explanation of its use. I am writing a new book about Color Therapy at this time. Check back for the new PDF on Color therapy and its Application.