Life Counseling

Life Counseling Sessions (100/hour)bridge of life

Change your thoughts: Change your life.

In Life counseling sessions are techniques made famous by Louise L. Hay. You will be facilitated in learning how changing your thoughts can change your life and your health. Tom will assist your growth by helping you to release old patterns and belief systems that create stress, tension, anxiety and decrease your vitality.

Stanley Burroughs developed a 3 fold system to heal the body, including an energetic system (color therapy), a nutritional therapy (the Master Cleanse) and bodywork ( Vita-Flex and Colon Lifts). Each system stands alone as a powerful healing tool but when used together they synergistically magnify each others affect. Over the last 25 years I have worked with this system adding to it the use of essential oils and the work of Louise L. Hay. My experience is that the well-being of anyone can be improved using these techniques.


Using affirmations, visualizations and positive self imagery, you will regain a natural sense of well-being improving health and bringing much greater happiness and fulfillment into your life. Tom will help you uproot and recognize old and buried core beliefs and antidote them with new more conscious choices.

Choose again and start living the life you really want.