Silica is an important component of collagen and connective tissue. Hubner Original Silicea is a mineral supplement derived form quartz crystals and provides 2.8 g of Silicic Acid Anhydride per 100 ml. Suspended in a colloidal preparation; Silica is absorbed quickly and easily. Used commonly throughout Germany for maintenance of youthful, healthy skin, hair and nails. Silica Gel can be used externally for wrinkles, acne and blemishes or internally helping to replenish collagen supply and encourage skin elasticity. An excellent choice for those who are concerned with brittle nails, thin hair and prematurely aging skin. LARGER, MONEY SAVING 500ML BOTTLE! [LIQUID] *Please note that we are unable to guarantee that this product will not freeze during shipping in winter months.

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Silicic Acid Anhydride 2.8g
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Free of all common allergens, including: wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, soy, and yeast.
Skin Health, Wrinkles, Silica Articles by a Naturopathic doctor.
A colloidal preparation of Silicic Acid. Encourages elasticity & flexibility in the skin and bone matrix. Ideal for hair, skin and nail health. Can be used topically to help diminish fine lines and blemishes. Pleasant tasting liquid, easily digested & absorbed.
Internally: Take one tablespoon daily straight or diluted with water.
Externally: Apply directly on the skin or hair.

The Original Silicea formula   

 Naka Liquid Silicea formula has been the preferred form of Silica for many years.

  • Use it Externally:

As face mask to smooth wrinkled skin (Leave on for approx. 10 to 15 minutes or until dry, rinse with warm water then apply your own moisturizing cream)
On face to rid of acne and other skin blemishes
On hair as treatment to slow graying
On skin to heal minor open wounds from bites and burns

  • and internally:

To replenish collagen supply and reduce physical aging symptoms
To foster strong healthy hair, nails and retain elasticity in skin
To help maintain strong healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Silica – An essential Trace Mineral

Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth and is considered an essential trace mineral for human health.  It forms structural components of bone and connective tissue, such as collagen.  It is especially needed during the early phase of bone mineralization and is found in high concentrations in the bony growth plates. It also forms elastin, a connective tissue that is responsible for the elasticity of connective tissue found in the skin, lungs and blood vessels.

Silicon is thought to protect the body from aluminum accumulation.  Silicon levels decline with age and a deficiency of silica may lead to degeneration of the vessels, bones and connective tissue that is commonly seen in the elderly.  Silicon is commonly recommended by natural health care practitioners for osteoporosis, atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.

Silicon is the inorganic form of the mineral.  Silicon is commonly found bonded to oxygen and is called silica or silicon dioxide.  This is the organic and supplemental form.  It can be taken as a liquid.  Encapsulated silica supplements are usually made from horsetail herb, which concentrates silica from the soil.  Silicon is naturally abundant in the husks of grains and other high fibre foods but is lost from foods during the refining process.

SILICA GEL can be taken while on the cleanse, it does not interfere with cleansing but actually aids it. It is very useful with people having inflamation of the digestive system, when doing colon lifts some people experience severe pain from the inflamed tissues being manipulated, the Silica Gel helps to strengthen the membranes and reduce the inflamation so their next colon lift is much less painful. A colon with less inflamation has greater integrity and then  leaks less toxins into the bloodstream, a very positive benefit. I recommend 2 tablespoons a day to start.  Tom


“Silicea – for me it was like a miracle!”

 Marianne Schneider lives in Leverkusen, where she is employed as a secretary with a major engineering company. She relates how her battle against lifeless and dull hair first began, and how she finally came out victorious after more than 40 years.

“Hello, my name is Marianne Schneider. I am 54 years old and have had hair problems as long as I can remember. At the age of 14 I started secretly using my mother’s hair styling products to improve the appearance of those thin strands of hair hanging lifelessly from my head. Mostly the success was only short-lived, though. I experimented at home with an endless array of shampoos, sprays, hair treatments, conditioners, and dietary supplements. And I spent enormous amounts of money in all kinds of hair dresser shops. But all those efforts were to no avail, for the result didn’t last more than a few hours, at best. Then I looked into the mirror, frustrated to be faced once again with the same thin, limp strands of hair.

When I was 49 it got even worse: One day, I started shedding increasing amounts of hair. Not all of it, but there were always far too many hairs in the tub whenever I took a shower. I consulted doctors and had my hormone status analyzed. I went to see an alternative practitioner, tried therapeutic salts and subjected myself to a body detox therapy. I took iron and zinc supplements, stuffed myself with vitamins and siliceous earth products. None of which had any lasting effect. Sometimes a downy fluff started growing in some spots – only to be shed again soon afterwards. Finally, I had my hair cut short and only ventured into public wearing a head scarf, because by now I had so little hair left that my bald scalp was clearly visible at the front.

One day, at a friend’s birthday party three years ago, I met a woman who took me aside at some point and asked: “You have a problem with your hair, right? Have you ever heard of silica?” “Yes, siliceous earth, that contains silica, doesn’t it?” I replied. “No, I don’t mean siliceous earth, but pure, mineral silica gel, which is more easily absorbed by your body”, she explained, and told me her own tale of woe: “I had the same problem as you. I am 58 years old. Three years ago I suffered a lot of stress, both in my job and in my personal life – my husband left me for a younger woman, and the workload at the office was more than I could cope with. To top it all, I was losing increasing amounts of hair. It was my 32-year-old daughter who suggested that I try silica gel. Though she wasn’t shedding hair, she had been under an emotional strain because of her thin hair until she started taking Original Silicea Balsam on a regular basis. My alternative practitioner also encouraged me to take this preparation. So I agreed and I don’t regret it! It took three months for the silica gel to show results, but then the success was all the more remarkable. See for yourself – not a trace left of my hair shedding problem.” And indeed: She had enviably full and shiny hair.

At first I didn’t pin much hope on the silica gel, having invested too much in my hair already in the past. But then, I had nothing to lose. So I went out to buy Original Silicea Balsam and started taking 15 millilitres daily. At first nothing happened. But as my friend had told me she had taken the product over several months, I persevered. And after about three or four months my hair actually did start to grow back. The new hairs were at first thin, but in time they became thicker and the rest of my hair also felt much stronger. After about six months an acquaintance commented that my hair had a wonderful shine and that I looked healthy and content. That was when I finally ultimately realized that taking this product had been worthwhile.

I had been waiting for decades for that kind of compliment and it that felt very, very good. I have now been taking Original Silicea Balsam regularly for about three years – at first on a daily basis over a period of nine months. After that length of time, I had the beautiful hair I had been dreaming of all my life. Now all I need is a three-month silica gel treatment twice a year. I wear my beautiful, healthy, shoulder-length hair with pride and I enjoy the admiring glances of people. Also, my skin has become much firmer and elastic in those places where it tends to quickly become flabby in us women. Whenever I meet someone who has hair or skin problems, I am only too happy to share my wonderful experience with Original Silicea Balsam.”

“Now I feel good in my skin again.”

Discover how Silicea helped 45-year-old hotel specialist Janine Wagner win the fight against cellulite and weak connective tissue:

“Even when I was only 20 years old I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. A picture taken during a holiday really threw me for a loop: That young woman on the beach – with the small dimples in her thighs – that was supposed to be me? I was keeping an excellent diet, had a thin body, exercised regularly, and still there were already signs of what I was to see as my greatest physical flaw over the next years. While friends my age joked about cellulite, I stopped showing even my legs in public.

In my early twenties, I secretly tried all kinds of products to fight cellulite. I took dietary supplements, massaged my problem zones with lotions, subjected my body to rubdowns with massage gloves and other contraptions – spending terrific amounts of money. All to no avail. Worse still: After being pregnant with my son Mark, my stomach also lost shape. Finally, at 40, my upper arms started getting flabby, and because of the spider veins on my legs and a few pounds too many on my hips I started wearing pants only, both at work and at home.

When I consulted my doctor, he simply shrugged and said: “That’s something you’ll just have to live with. You have weak connective tissue. The only thing you can do is lead a healthy life and get a lot of physical exercise. In your case it might also help if you lost some weight. And should those spider veins on your legs develop into serious varicose veins, we might have to do some minor surgery. To prevent varicose veins from developing, you might consider wearing compression stockings.”

When I left his office, I felt devastated: I was 40 years old, overweight, and was supposed to wear compression stockings from now on! For a long time, sex with my husband had already been something I insisted on doing in the dark. Now just imagine me taking off my compression stockings before getting into bed! To me, this was the ultimate turn-off. But it would be another few years before the situation changed. Two years ago my son told me “Mom, you need to get into the internet”, and gave me his old PC. There, I discovered a whole new world. I talked to people in forums, collected valuable tips and discovered a wealth of new information on cellulite.

Once again I went on an anti-cellulite shopping tour – well-prepared by tips from my internet acquaintances – and once again suffered many a disappointment, as I had when I was 20, until I came across a tip by a woman in a forum who reported that Original Silicea Balsam combined with physical exercise had produced sensational results.

I then found many other users in the Internet who were impressed by the tissue-strengthening silicon gel. Still, I was reluctant to believe what I read. I looked up information on the vital trace element silicon and found a great deal of scientific evidence for the positive influence of this substance on human health. So I started running on a regular basis and took a dose of Original Silicea Balsam every day.

I do admit, when nothing dramatic had happened after three weeks, I was disappointed. I seriously considered giving up. But after about six weeks I did notice a change: The withered, sallow skin of my face looked brighter and smoother and felt softer. And even better: The skin along buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms was becoming increasingly firmer. I knew this could not only be attributed to my running exercises, for at the age of twenty I had also exercised intensively and still had cellulite on my buttocks and legs. My mind was made up: I was definitely going to keep up my daily ration of Original Silicea Balsam.

Today, at 45, I feel good in my skin. I have almost reached my personal weight loss goal and am no longer afraid to go to the public swimming-pool – my confidence has experienced such a tremendous boost that two months ago I even went out and bought myself the tiniest of bikinis. Sex is no longer an activity that requires the lights to be switched off. Last week my husband actually brought me red roses – something he hasn’t done for years. I am convinced that I owe all this to Original Silicea Balsam. It is the best thing that has happened to me in the past years. My friends asked me “You’re looking so relaxed and young! How on earth do you do it?” I simply tell them my secret recipe: keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and take a dose of Original Silicea Balsam once a day. It’s my personal beauty formula!”