This is a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions organized by topic. If you have a question you think should be included, you can post it below.

Master Cleanse Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use fresh squeezed lemon juice?
Yes you MUST use fresh lemon juice. It is vital that you do.

If you don’t use fresh squeezed lemon juice then the enzymes and the vitamins have been damaged by heating and oxidation. The lemonade has to be a live food which means made fresh and drank within about 6 to 8 minutes otherwise the cleanse simply will not work. This is from my own experience and dealing with 100’s and 100’s of people that have not done it this way and they don’t get the results thet could. There are no exceptions including powders, bottled juices or pre-mixing batches of lemonade.

Vita-Flex Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vita-Flex like reflexology?

No, it is very similar but different because...

Vita-Flex is similar to Reflexology in that they are both working reflex or pressure points on the feet, Vita-Flex however is far more extensive and uses a different finger and thumb application. A Vita-Flex treatment also includes the hands, scalp, face, ears and other areas of the body plus the Atlas Adjustment to rebalance the spine as a part of a treatment. The Vita-Flex technique is more effective because of the nature of the movement than Reflexology. Reflexology is still an effective modality but not as compreehensive and effective in my experience. I have taught several Reflexologists that would agree. See my video clip of me demonstrating the technique.