Essential Oils

If you have had the opportunity to read my book  The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step by Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of the Lemonade Diet you will know that I am emphatic that if you want to use Essential Oils that you must use oils of therapeutic grade. When purchasing oils be adamant about this. Know your source and if you have any concerns ask to see copies of the testing done on the oils. The oils should have been tested by an independent lab and tested to the European AFNOR standards. Many unscrupulous dealers sell poor quality oils and some poor quality oils are even labeled as therapeutic grade. Buy from a source that you trust!



Young Living Essential Oils

The company that I purchase my essential oils from is called Young Living. They have been around since about 1994 and are a multi-level marketing company. I use their products as I know the owner of the company personally and have worked for the company as well as worked on one of their farms for a short time. I have done planting and worked in their distillery which is one of the largest in the world. All of Young Livings™ four farms are organic. All of their oils are independently tested. I have been using the oils since early 2000 and have not found any other company that produces higher quality essential oils.

Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils

The founder of Young Living, Gary Young used the Master Cleanse to heal from injuries sustained in a logging accident that had left him in a wheelchair for 6 ½ years. He began to walk after 256 days of the Lemonade Diet and has since totally healed with the use of essential oils. His mission in life is to make available only the highest quality essential oils for all.

Getting your own oils at wholesale

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