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Vita-Flex Treatment: $100/hour

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What is a Vita-Flex treatment?

A Vita-Flex treatment is done while in a seated position, one only has to remove their shoes and socks. The treatment starts with the reflex points on the hands and feet and then the hands being activated by Vita-Flex. The client then moves from the chair to the floor with the back to my knees. The neck, shoulders, collar bone, shoulder blades and spine are then also Vita-Flexed. Some stretches are done as well as the face; ears and the scalp are also massaged. Essential oils are applied at various times and appropriate areas during the session as well. Some oils are used specifically for physical conditions and others for emotional states.

Louise Hay

This unique combination along with the use of Louise L. Haye’s principles brings mind, body and spirit into the realm of the session. At the end of the session an atlas adjustment is done to correct any structural misalignment by using Vita-Flex only (non-chiropractic). Treatments generally last 1 hour. More time can be added to the appointment if necessary.

Relieve many conditions of the body with this alternative therapy.

Many so called untreatable conditions are often reversed in just one session. My own experience of a reversal of long standing neck and shoulder pain that completely cleared up using Vita-Flex and the use of the Master Cleanse. I was told prior to this that I would need surgery on my spine to maybe stop the pain. I still have no pain after 33 years.

Stopping chronic pain anywhere throughout the body has become my specialty that many thousands have experienced with Vita-Flex and essential oils.

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